HOW ABOUT YOU GUYS? What was the first Taylor Swift song you’ve ever heard?


  1. donnakabanna answered: TEARDROPS!
  2. seekingmrdarcy answered: Love Story! I’m such a cliché. LOL
  3. theranchdaughter said: You Belong with Me, still my favorite song ever
  4. andshesbackgroundnoise answered: teardrops on my guitar
  5. canyousayclaire answered: Our Song
  6. miles-to-the-moon answered: our song!
  7. burning-brighter-than-the-sun answered: i’m not sure, but i think it was “teardrops on my guitar”.
  8. dissickbeat said: TOMG :)
  9. nickelforyourtime said: Picture to Burn
  10. eternallyhappy answered: love story
  11. geronimoswift said: Teardrops on my Guitar (and then she played it at my Red concert and I died)
  12. jenpotatwo answered: Love story ♥ ♥
  13. shaznasim16 answered: Mine. It’s my favourite song since then! <3
  14. burnthiscityxx answered: I’d Lie!
  15. alonzotsui said: Love story
  16. justiceforswift answered: love story
  17. 4nime0bsessed said: You belong with me!
  18. namelessjoc answered: love story
  19. cristelapya said: Love story!
  20. lavignesworld answered: you belong with me!
  21. rico-chett answered: picture to burn
  22. ezriasparksfly said: Love Story!
  23. justnotlikethe-movies answered: Love story
  24. angelofeve answered: Love Story!
  25. atom-ofmeaning answered: Tim McGraw.
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  27. in-faye-nite said: Teardrops on my guitar lol
  28. headsfirstsfearless answered: fifteen
  29. so-err said: Love story ❤️
  30. the-singing-bookworm said: I think it was probably love story.
  31. katlxxnbautista answered: Teardrops on my guitar :)
  32. aspiewriter6390 said: Teardrops On My Guitar. Still love it.
  33. carly-sage answered: "I’d Lie "
  34. tarnimatul-ummah answered: You Belong With Me :D
  35. thistaylorswiftsituation answered: Our Song! I may have heard Tim McGraw before that, they were around the same time. But Our Song was what got me interested.
  36. these-are-my-finest-moments answered: You Belong With Me (:
  37. smileyyhel answered: White Horse and Love Story <3 =)
  38. swimpastthe-shadows answered: Love Story, it’s the very 1st they played in France !
  39. irememberalltoowell answered: Love story! But I didn’t really start to love her until I heard Fearless :)
  40. topfangirl answered: love story
  41. kaylin said: Teardrops On My Guitar
  42. nahkathy said: Love story
  43. ihatemycurrenturl answered: love story
  44. callsmeupagain answered: Tim McGraw :)
  45. charliebradbnry answered: love story